Aeonmed owns the first anesthesiology topic museum in China. In 2005, Aeonmed began to build the museum and collect exhibits. Thanks to support and donation from quite a few hospitals, professors, and organizations, the museum started operation in July 2008 after three years preparation work.

        Our museum collections include three main parts below. 

        A.anesthesiology books, industry journals, professional papers, historical photographs

        B.anesthesia machine and spare parts used in different history stages

        C.representative experts’ literature and documents

       Through these exhibits, the museum displays each period of China anesthesiology history and shows historical evolution of anesthesia industry. This anesthesia museum covers following main functions:

        -provides teaching platform to those who pay close attention to China anesthesiology development

        -helps people increasing understanding and awareness of anesthesiology disciplines

        -improves anesthesiology guys’ interest in development of this field

        -develops communication between clinical research and R&D of medical device industry

        -promotes relevant research and development

        In fact, this project looked almost a mission impossible for a middle size company at very beginning. Aeonmed feels lucky receiving help from experts and scholars around the country since the building stage. With more responsibilities, Aeonmed invites more friends joining the program and makes more contribution to the society.