Press Release

Aeonmed Exhibition Draws to A Successful Conclusion in WCA Hong Kong

World Congress for Anesthesiologists, WCA is the most premium event in the world which brings together global experts by providing them a platform for networking and scientific discussion. This year, along with thousands of delegates attending the congress, Aeonmed had the honor to participate in the 16th WCA which was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from 28 August to 2 September.

Other than academic discussion and presentation, many renowned medical devices companies also joined in this congress to showcase their latest technology. In this congress, we welcomed more than 200 experts to our booth which further expanded our efforts in marketing our products to the international market.

Following many discussions prior to the congress, Aeonmed used this opportunity to launch its new initiative to build an international platform for academic exchange. We are pleased to bring together experts from many countries such as China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and many more for a meaningful discussion about future contribution to the medical field. We had officially launched this initiative during our reception dinner during WCA.

The academic platform that we launched during the congress will allow us to better understand the development of anesthesiology in other countries. We hope to bridge the gap between the Chinese experts and the experts around the world and strive to bring together the best. With the strong understanding we built, this will allow us to work together and explore possible collaborations to create high-impact value to the communities.