Press Release

Working to Reinforce Academic Effort Toward a Bigger Goal

Following WCA, Aeonmed welcomed many experts from around the world to further reinforce our efforts in academic exchange. We are pleased to welcome expert in anesthesiology from Kyrgyzstan and expert in ventilation from United States to our company for a short visit.

“Big Glory Results from Tiny Accumulation”, a sentence that speaks to the heart of Dr Sullivan, the former chairman of International Council for Respiratory Care (ICRC) during his tour in Aeonmed. While pointing at this sentence, Dr Sullivan highlighted to our International Marketing & Sales Director, Steel Yang that the essence of a medical knowledge can only be accumulated from incessant hard work and experience. He also expressed his respect to the core values that Aeonmed inculcates in its employees, particularly its mission “Guard Life Sincerely”.

During his visit, Dr Sullivan was introduced to the products by Steel Yang. Through his introduction, Dr Sullivan understood more about the company profile, its business positioning, product line, medical supply chain and future business development.

Following company introduction, Jasmine, product manager for ventilator had the honor to present two ventilators to Dr Sullivan. Deeply impressed by the ventilator introduction, Dr Sullivan extended his invitation for the company to join the annual meeting of International Council of Respiratory (ICRC). This will allow Aeonmed to gain more insights in the field of ventilation so as to further strengthen its R&D. He also advised the company to join American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) to make bigger contribution to the respiratory field.