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Surgical Light

The OL9600 series LED surgical light is a comprehensive surgical light
suitable for surgery illumination at hospitals and surgery centers.
Ultra illumination intensity,

Ultra illumination intensity,

realistic reduction of surgical tissue,
ultra small and large light spot,
and large scope of adjustment in color
temperature and illumination.
The touchscreen can set <br>the lighting parameters for

The touchscreen can set
the lighting parameters for

specific types of operations, such as spinal, deep cavity, cardiac mode, etc.
Two features distinguish OL9600<br>from the conventional LED surgical lights.

Two features distinguish OL9600
from the conventional LED surgical lights.

Head block function gives more comfort to surgeons
while infrared induction control allows surgeons to have
a flexible control of light intensity and light field.
Illumination intensity

Illumination intensity

OL9600 has a special endoscopic lighting.
The light illumination intensity can reach up to 50 lux.