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A flexible lifeline in the air

Safe and flexible design provides a full range of surgical support,
creates a clean and efficient modern medical working environment.
Outstanding appearance design

Outstanding appearance design

Well-made body adopts a simple and clear design,
streamlined structure meets the purification requirements of laminar flow in OR.
Main case modular

Main case modular

The main case body is composed of several modules, which can be rotated relatively to each other, providing a wide range of positioning solutions.
Gas-electric modularization

Gas-electric modularization

The gas and electric terminals can be added as needed.
The flexible configuration provides space for
future updating on both software and hardware.
A new generation of high-load shaft

A new generation of high-load shaft

One-to-one corresponding braking identifications, easy to identify and operate.
With standard built-in mechanical brake and optional pneumatic / electromagnetic brake,
it provides accurate positioning solutions and avoids drifting effectively."
Digitized swivel  arm

Digitized swivel arm

With the updating space of digitalization,
it supports the layout requirements of various cables in the operating room
(can be equiped with multiple cables at the same time,
such as network cables, optical fibers, VGA video lines, BNC video lines and ect.)
CP8300 Mechanical Surgery Pendant <br>CP8300 Electric Surgery Pendant

CP8300 Mechanical Surgery Pendant
CP8300 Electric Surgery Pendant

CP8400 Mechanical Endoscopy Pendant <br>CP8400 Electric Endoscopy Pendant

CP8400 Mechanical Endoscopy Pendant
CP8400 Electric Endoscopy Pendant

CP8300 Dry and Wet Separated Pendent <br>CP8500 Electric Anesthesia Pendant

CP8300 Dry and Wet Separated Pendent
CP8500 Electric Anesthesia Pendant

P6500 Advanced Supply Beam

P6500 Advanced Supply Beam

Can be customized according to different occasions and spaces.
Avaliable with a variety of auxiliary lighting systems.
Silent rail system allows the medical column to move smoothly and stably.
CP6400 Standard Supply Beam

CP6400 Standard Supply Beam

Aluminum alloy instrument platform.
Aluminum alloy rebound drawer.
Extensible standard rail.
Exchangeable dry and wet sides.